Handbook of financial econometrics, mathematics, statistics, and machine learning

"This four-volume handbook covers important concepts and tools used in the fields of financial econometrics, mathematics, statistics, and machine learning. Econometric methods have been applied in asset pricing, corporate finance, international finance, options and futures, risk management, and in stress testing for financial institutions. This handbook discusses a variety of econometric methods, including single equation multiple regression, simultaneous equation regression, and panel data analysis, among others. It also covers statistical distributions, such as the binomial and log normal distributions, in light of their applications to portfolio theory and asset management in addition to their use in research regarding options and futures contracts. In recent times, an increased importance has been given to computer technology in financial research. Different computer languages and programming techniques are important tools for empirical research in finance. Hence, simulation, machine learning, big data, and financial payments are explored in this handbook. Led by Distinguished Professor Cheng Few Lee from Rutgers University, this multi-volume work integrates theoretical, methodological, and practical issues based on his years of academic and industry experience."

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Authors and Corporations: Lee, Cheng F. (Editor), Lee, John C. (Editor)
Title: Handbook of financial econometrics, mathematics, statistics, and machine learning editors Cheng-Few Lee (Rutgers University, USA), John C. Lee (Center for PBBEF Research, USA)
Type of Resource: Book
New Jersey: World Scientific, [2021]
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