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Metamorphic map of Europe: = Carte métamorphique de l'Europe

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Authors and Corporations: Zwart, H. J. (Cartographer), Sobolev, Vladimir S. (Cartographer), Commission for the Geological Map of the World Subcommission for the Cartography of the Metamorphic Belts of the World (Issuing body)
Other Authors: Zwart, H. J. (KartografIn) , Sobolev, Vladimir S. (KartografIn) 1908-1982
Edition: 1 : 2 500 000
Type of Resource: Sheet Cartographic Image
Cartographic data: 1 : 2 500 000
Language: English, French
Paris Unesco [u.a.] 19XX-
Contents/pieces: 17 records
Source: Verbunddaten SWB