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Controls of foreland-deformation patterns in the orogen-foreland shortening system

The Andean Plateau (Altiplano-Puna Plateau) of the southern Central Andes is the second-highest orogenic plateau on our planet after Tibet. The Andean Plateau and its foreland exhibit a pronounced segmentation from north to south regarding the style and magnitude of deformation. In the Altiplano (no...

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Authors and Corporations: Liu, Sibiao (Author), Sobolev, Stephan (Degree supervisor), Krüger, Frank (Degree supervisor), Babeyko, Andrey Y. (Degree supervisor), Kaus, Boris Jozef Paul (Degree supervisor), Giambiagi, Laura (Degree supervisor), Universität Potsdam (Degree granting institution)
Other Authors: Sobolev, Stephan (AkademischeR BetreuerIn) , Krüger, Frank (AkademischeR BetreuerIn) 1963- , Babeyko, Andrey Y. (AkademischeR BetreuerIn) , Kaus, Boris Jozef Paul (AkademischeR BetreuerIn) 1976- , Giambiagi, Laura (AkademischeR BetreuerIn)
Dissertation Note: Dissertation, Universität Potsdam, 2020
Type of Resource: E-Book Thesis
Language: English
Potsdam 2019
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