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Advances in interpretation of geological processes: refinement of multi-scale data and integration in numerical modelling

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Authors and Corporations: Spalla, Maria Iole (Other), Spalla, M. I. (Editor), Conference on Deformation Mechanisms, Rheology and Tectonics (Other), Deformation Rheology and Tectonics Conference (Other)
Other Authors: Spalla, Maria Iole [Other] • Spalla, M. I. [Editor]
Type of Resource: Book Conference Proceedings
Language: English
London Geological Society 2010
Series: Geological Society: Special publication / the Geological Society, London ; 332
Source: Verbunddaten SWB
Subject: DK 551.25
DK 552.12
Call number: 10.3855 4.
ISBN: 9781862392953
Table of Contents:
  • Disequalibrium textures versus equilibrium modelling: geochronology at the crossroads \ Villa, I.M.
  • Argon enters the retentive zone: reassessment of diffusion parameters for K-feldspar in the south Cyclades Shear Zone, Ios, Greece \ Forster, M.A. & Lister, G.S.
  • Serrated quartz grain boundaries, temperature and strain rate: testing fractal techniques in a syntectonic granite \ Mamtani, M.A. & Greiling, R.O.
  • Microstructure and elastic anisotropy of naturally deformed leucogneiss from a shear zone in Montalto (southern Calabria, Italy) \ Cirrincione, R. ... [et al.]
  • Geometry of intercrystalline brine in plastically deforming halite rocks: inference from electrical resistivity \ Watanabe, T.
  • Brittle plus plastic deformation of gypsum aggregates experimentally deformed in torsion to high strains: quantitative microstructural and textural analysis from optical and diffraction data \ Zucali, M. ... [et al.]
  • Numerical modelling of spontaneous slab breakoff dynamics during continental collision \ Baumann, C., Gerya, T.V. & Connolly, J.A.D.
  • Present-day vertical isostatic readjustment of the western Alps revealed by numerical modelling and geodetic and seismotectonic data \ Gardi, A., Baize, S. & Scotti, O.
  • Block model versus thermomechanical model: new insights on the present-day regional deformation in the surroundings of the Calabrian Arc \ Splendore, R. ... [et al.]
  • The role of the mantle hydration in continental crust recycling in the wedge region \ Meda, M., Marotta, A.M. & Spalla, M.I.
  • Three-dimensional evaluation of fabric evolution and metamorphic reaction progress in polycyclic and polymetamorphic terrains: a case from the central Italian Alps \ Salvi, F. ... [et al.]
  • The interaction of deformation and metamorphic reactions \ Hobbs, B.E. ... [et al.].