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Palaeozoic climate cycles: their evolutionary and sedimentological impact

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Authors and Corporations: Gąsiewicz, Andrzej (Editor)
Other Authors: Gąsiewicz, Andrzej 1950- [Editor]
Type of Resource: Book
Language: English
London Geological Society 2013
Series: Geological Society: Special publication / the Geological Society, London ; 376
Source: Verbunddaten SWB
Subject: DK 551.734
DK 551.735
DK 551.736
DK 551.761
DK 552.5
DK 551.3.051
Call number: 14.2366 4.
ISBN: 9781862393578
Table of Contents:
  • Late Palaeozoic environmental changes: an introduction \ A. Gąsiewicz and M. SłowakiewiczEarly Triassic deposition and climates between Samfrau and Tethys: a review / H. Wopfner
  • Carboniferous and Lower Permian sedimentological cycles and biotic events of South China \ X. Wang, W. Qie, Q. Sheng, Y. Qi, Y. Wang, Z. Liao, S. Shen and K. Ueno
  • Variability of Pennsylvanian-Premian carbonate associations and implications for NW Pangea Palaeogeography, east-central British Columbia, Canada \ K.D. Zubin-Stathopoulos, B. Beauchamp, V.I. Davydov and C.M. Henderson
  • Late Permian (Zechstein) magnetostratigraphy in Western and Central Europe \ M. Szurlies
  • Geochemical record of Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous events, Palaeozoic of Graz, Eastern Alps, Austria \ A.-V. Bojar, R. Neubauer, and C. Koeberl
  • Palaeoecology and sedimentology of Carboniferous glacial and post-glacial successions in the Paganzo and Río Blanco basins of northwestern Argentina \ A.A. Dineen, M.L. Fraiser and J.L. Isbell
  • Carboniferous coarsening-upward and non-gradational cyclothems in the Lublin Basin (SE Poland): palaeoclimatic implications \ M.I. Waksmundzka
  • Continental Upper Carboniferous red beds in the Variscan intermontane Saale Basin, central Germany: orbital forcing detected by wavelet analysis \ U. Gebhardt and M. Hiete
  • Conservatism of Late Pennsylvanian vegetational patterns during short-term cyclic and long-term directional environmental change, western equatorial Pangea \ N.J. Tabor, C.M. Romanchock, C.V. Looy, C.L. Hotton, W.A. Dimichele and D.S. Chaney
  • Pennsylvanian-Early Permian cyclothermic succession on the Yangtze Carbonate Platform, South China \ K. Ueno, N. Hayakawa, T. Nakazawa, Y. Wang and X. Wang
  • Upper Carboniferous-Lower Permian Palaeoaplysina build-ups on Svalbard: the influence of climate, salinity and sea-level \ N.-M Hanken and J.K. Nielsen
  • Sedimentology and palaeoecology of lonestone-bearing mixed clastic rocks and cold-water carbonates of the Lower Permian Basal Beds at Fossil Cliffs, Maria Island, Tasmania (Australia): insight into the initial decline of the late Palaeozoic ice age \ J.L. Isbell, L.C. Henry, C.M. Reid and M.L. Fraiser
  • Climatic impact on the reef biota in the Cisuralian and Guadalupian (Permian), European Platform \ O. Kossovaya, D. Vachard and A. Izart
  • Carbon, oxygen and strontium isotopic composition of low-latitude Permian carbonates (Venezuelan Andes): climate proxies of tropical Pangea \ J.C. Laya, M.E. Tucker, D.R. Gröcke and A. Perez-Huerta
  • Carbon and oxygen isotope records of Permian brachiopods from relatively low and high palaeolatitudes: climatic seasonality and evaporation \ J.K. Nielsen, B. Błażejowski, P. Gieszcz and J.K. Nielsen
  • Extinction of Guadalupian rugose corals: an example of biotic response to the Kamura event (southern Primorye, Russia) \ O.L. Kossovaya and G.S. Kropatcheva
  • Late Permian aeolian sand seas from the Polish Upper Rotliegend Basin in the context of palaeoclimatic periodicity \ H. Kiersnowski
  • Palaeogeographic and palaeoclimate factors of salinity fluctuations in the eastern part of the Late Permian (Zechstein) European Basin: case study from the salt basin in Poland \ G. Czapowski and H. Tomassi-Morawiec
  • Climatic control on the Late Permian Main Dolomite (Ca2) deposition in northern margin of the Southern Permian Basin and implications to its internal cyclicity \ A. Gąsiewicz
  • Palaeoclimatic imprint, distribution and genesis of Zechstein Main Dolomite (Upper Permian) petroleum source rocks in Poland: sedimentological and geochemical rationales \ M. Słowakiewicz and A. Gąsiewicz
  • Permian deposits and the Permian-Triassic boundary in Croatia: palaeoclimatic implications based on palaeontological and geochemical data \ K. Fio, J. Sremac, I. Vlahović, I. Velić and J.E. Spangenberg
  • Facies and climate changes across the Permian-Triassic boundary in the North German Basin: insights from a high-resolution organic carbon isotope record \ M. Hiete, H.-G. Röhling, C. Heunisch and U. Berner.