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Colourings of $P_5$-free graphs

For a set of graphs H, we call a graph G H-free if G-S is non-isomorphic to H for each S⊆V(G) and each H∈H. Let f_H^* ∶N_(>0)↦N_(>0 )be the optimal χ-binding function of the class of H-free graphs, that is, f_H^* (ω)=max⁡{χ(G): ω(G)=ω,G is H-free} where χ(G),ω(G) denote the chromatic number an...

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Authors and Corporations: Geißer, Maximilian
Dissertation Note: Dissertation, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg, 2022
Type of Resource: E-Book Thesis
Language: English
Online-Ausg.. 2022
Source: Qucosa