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Distribution pattern of free living nematode communities in the eight Mekong estuaries by seasonal factor, 4,2013,1

The temporal variation of nematode communities in eight mouth stations of the Mekong River system was investigated in order to compare the change between the dry and the wet season. The nematode data was analysed by multivariate techniques such as SIMPROF, MDS, ANOSIM and SIMPER in the software PRIM...

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Authors and Corporations: Ngo, Xuan Quang, Nguyen, Ngoc Chau, Nguyen, Dinh Tu, Pham, Van Lam, Vanreusel, Ann
Other Authors: Nguyen, Ngoc Chau , Nguyen, Dinh Tu , Pham, Van Lam , Vanreusel, Ann
Type of Resource: E-Article
Language: English
Pirna Technische Universität Dresden 2013
Series: ; 4,2013,1
Source: Qucosa