APA Citation

Franz, G.(2014). Ages of protolith and Neoproterozoic metamorphism of Al-P-bearing quartzites of the Veredas formation (Northern Espinha├žo, Brazil): LA-ICP-MS age determinations on relict and recrystallized zircon and geodynamic consequences. Precambrian Research, 250, 6-26. doi:10.1016/j.precamres.2014.05.011

MLA Citation

Franz, Gerhard. "Ages of Protolith and Neoproterozoic Metamorphism of Al-P-bearing Quartzites of the Veredas Formation (Northern Espinha├žo, Brazil): LA-ICP-MS Age Determinations On Relict and Recrystallized Zircon and Geodynamic Consequences". Precambrian Research, 250 ( 2014 ): 6-26.

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