Photogalvanic effect induced fully spin polarized current and pure spin current in zigzag SiC nanori...

<p>Using nonequilibrium Green's function combined with density functional theory, we investigate the spin-related current generated by the photogalvanic effect (PGE) in monolayer zigzag SiC nanoribbons (ZSiCNRs) by first-principles calculations.</p>

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Journal Title: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Authors and Corporations: Chen, Jun, Zhang, Liwen, Zhang, Lei, Zheng, Xiaohong, Xiao, Liantuan, Jia, Suotang, Wang, Jian
In: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 20, 2018, 41, p. 26744-26751
Type of Resource: E-Article
Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)