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The Impact of Transculturality on Student Experience of Higher Education

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Journal Title: Journal of Experiential Education
Authors and Corporations: Smith, Heidi A., Segbers, Teresa
In: Journal of Experiential Education, 41, 2018, 1, p. 75-89
Type of Resource: E-Article
Language: English
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Summary: <jats:p> Background: Higher education outdoor studies programs retain a critical interest in student experiences as they seek to prepare citizens in a globalized, yet simultaneously neo-nationalist, world. Purpose: This research explored the impact of transculturality on the student experience of outdoor studies in the Transcultural European Outdoor Studies (TEOS) Masters, a course hosted by three universities in three countries. Methodology/Approach: A longitudinal study of the student experience, using a conceptual framework of self, place, transculturality, and outdoor learning theory underpins the research. Semistructured online interviews and one face-to-face retrospective interview were conducted with four participants throughout the course (Semesters 1, 2, 3), plus an additional five participants prior to the end of Semester 3. Findings/Conclusions: The findings elucidate students’ transcultural self-growth and transcultural capabilities, including resilience, intelligence, and fatigue. Implications: Although challenges exist for course design, considerations of transcultural pedagogy and curricula, reflective practices, support for students and teaching staff, cultural learning experiences (including language acquisition), and a willingness to move beyond traditional models of curricula at the university level are recommended. </jats:p>
Physical Description: 75-89
ISSN: 1053-8259
DOI: 10.1177/1053825917750406