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Influence of multiple slips and chemical reaction on radiative MHD Williamson nanofluid flow in porous medium : A computational framework: A computational framework

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Journal Title: Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures
Authors and Corporations: Acharya, Nilankush, Das, Kalidas, Kundu, Prabir Kumar
In: Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures, 15, 2019, 3, p. 630-658
Type of Resource: E-Article
Language: English
Summary: <jats:sec> <jats:title content-type="abstract-subheading">Purpose</jats:title> <jats:p>The purpose of this paper is to focus on the influence of multiple slips on MHD Williamson nanofluid flow embedded in porous medium towards a linearly stretching sheet that has been investigated numerically. The whole analysis has been carried out considering the presence of <jats:italic>n</jats:italic>th-order chemical reaction between base fluid and nanoparticles.</jats:p> </jats:sec> <jats:sec> <jats:title content-type="abstract-subheading">Design/methodology/approach</jats:title> <jats:p>A similarity transformation technique has been adopted to convert non-linear governing partial differential equations into ordinary ones and then they are solved by using both the RK-4 method and Laplace transform homotopy perturbation method. The consequences of multiple slip parameters on dimensionless velocity, temperature and concentration and heat and mass transfer rates have been demonstrated using tabular and graphical outline.</jats:p> </jats:sec> <jats:sec> <jats:title content-type="abstract-subheading">Findings</jats:title> <jats:p>The investigation explores that the Nusselt number reduces for escalating behaviour of velocity slip and thermal slip parameter. Fluid’s temperature rises in the presence of generative reaction parameter.</jats:p> </jats:sec> <jats:sec> <jats:title content-type="abstract-subheading">Originality/value</jats:title> <jats:p>A fine conformity of the current results has been achieved after comparing with previous literature studies. Considering destructive chemical reaction, reduced Nusselt number is found to decrease, but reverse consequence has been noticed in the case of generative chemical reaction. Mass transport diminishes when the order of chemical reaction amplifies for both destructive and generative reactions.</jats:p> </jats:sec>
Physical Description: 630-658
ISSN: 1573-6105
DOI: 10.1108/mmms-08-2018-0152