Discovery of log-periodic oscillations in ultraquantum topological materials

<jats:p>Quantum oscillations are usually the manifestation of the underlying physical nature in condensed matter systems. Here, we report a new type of log-periodic quantum oscillations in ultraquantum three-dimensional topological materials. Beyond the quantum limit (QL), we observe the log-p...

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Journal Title: Science Advances
Authors and Corporations: Wang, Huichao, Liu, Haiwen, Li, Yanan, Liu, Yongjie, Wang, Junfeng, Liu, Jun, Dai, Ji-Yan, Wang, Yong, Li, Liang, Yan, Jiaqiang, Mandrus, David, Xie, X. C., Wang, Jian
In: Science Advances, 4, 2018, 11, p. eaau5096
Type of Resource: E-Article
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