Internal Friction and Mechanical Strength of Hydrogenated Ti-Rich Multicomponent Glassy Alloys

<jats:p>The hydrogen-induced internal friction and mechanical strength of the Ti-rich Ti34Zr11Cu47Ni8 and (Ti34Zr11Cu47Ni8)98Si2 hydrogenated glassy alloys have been investigated. It is found that the tensile strength is more than 0.8 GPa at room temperature when the hydrogen content is below...

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Journal Title: Key Engineering Materials
Authors and Corporations: Hasegawa, Masuyuki, Takeuchi, M., Nagata, D., Wada, T., Kato, Hidemi, Yamaura, Y., Inoue, Akihisa
In: Key Engineering Materials, 319, 2006, p. 139-144
Type of Resource: E-Article
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